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How to Add Maintenance-Free Color, Motion, and Light to Your Garden!

If you want to know how to decorate your garden to create an easy, maintenance-free outdoor oasis... adding garden spinners is the way to go! Say “no more” to the extra water bills, expensive plantings, and the time and effort it takes to wire up your yard with electricity by simply adding a fabulous garden spinner to your yard! 

The Breeze is Free and Waiting to be Harnessed

Remember the breeze- that free energy source that requires nothing from you? Breeze just shows up, offering its gift which kinetic garden spinners gladly receive! Spinners harness the wind and take off, adding spectacular motion and color to your landscape! These beautiful pieces are designed to twirl effortlessly, even in the gentlest breeze.

Popular Exhart Garden Spinners

Garden Gnomes for Sale by Exhart

Unlimited Designs to Fit Your Taste and Budget

From hanging spinners to giant garden stakes, there are so many designs to express your personal style! Choose from simple pinwheels to more intricate designs.

Some kinetic spinners twirl in two directions for double the fun, while others set off melodic chimes. Whether you prefer acrylic, metal or glass, simple or intricate styles, there is a garden spinner just waiting to brighten your yard!

Bursting Color All Season Long!

Tired of planting annual flowers and plants that cost a fortune to water and just fade away? It’s time to mix it up with a bright garden spinner that will last for seasons! Beautiful colors draw the eye and come alive with twirling motion.

These pieces of art will pop against your garden’s natural backdrop and delight you all year. Check out this gorgeous sunflower that’s always in bloom!

By far our most popular garden spinner based, our Giant Metal Kinetic Yellow Sunflower Dual Spinning Garden Stake has been a source of happiness and love since we brought it to life.

Giant Metal Kinetic Yellow Sunflower Dual Spinning Garden Stake
Metallic Pink Kinetic Flamingo Garden Stake with Double Spinning Feathers

Night-Time Glow Without Wiring

Keep the fun going at night with illuminating solar spinners.

These Triple Kinetic Wind Spinners are designed with a built-in panel that charges in the sun and automatically glows at dusk. No wiring - No work - No maintenance!

With these designs you can enjoy the same spinning fun into the night and be the envy of your neighbors.

Instant Garden Upgrade

These days, we can all use a little effortless style and elegance! The easiest way to give your garden an instant upgrade is to add a spinner! They’re simply perfect anywhere you place them... hung from a tree, a patio or simply staked right into the ground. This quick, easy, inexpensive garden art complements any existing décor and spruces up your outdoor space!

It’s no wonder spinners are a fast-growing fad. So why not give your garden the style upgrade it deserves (while saving your wallet and your back) with a beautiful kinetic garden spinner?

Check out dozens of Exhart spinners or branch out into other areas of décor to personalize your yard!

These are just three of the many special spinners selected from our Exhart garden decor collection, but rest assured, you can fill your garden with more by connecting to your favorite color and styles. As you browse our collection of Spinners, make sure you think of other accessories that compliment your style by considering how to be surrounded by other items like garden gnomesgarden fairies, and decorative lighting!

The more the merrier and joyful your fascinating garden will be!

Are you ready to spread some whimsical love and joy throughout your world? Contact your friends at Exhart and let's share some magical garden ideas together.

Where to Buy Exhart Garden Decor Products

You can find our Garden Spinners for sale in these fine places!

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EXtraordinary Home ART

Exhart is a family owned and operated company that lives to spread smiles! True to our slogan “Happy Homes, Smiling Gardens,” Exhart has led the market in extraordinary wholesale home and garden decor for over thirty years by developing hundreds of unique designs every year ranging from the wacky and whimsical to the rustic and elegant!Best of all, you don’t need a green thumb to create a beautiful garden!

You can find one-of-a-kind garden stakes, wind chimes, luminescent glass decor, convenient and fun solar lighting, miniature fairy gardens, bird feeders, statuary, and fun kinetic designs like our ferris wheel bird feeder. Our family is propelled by the guiding principles of Innovation, Quality, Color, Motion and just plain Fun!

Come join our family’s passion for the extraordinary and build your very own Smiling Garden!

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