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Garden Gnomes Collection

Garden Gnomes Collection

Gnomes are small mythical creatures that live underground with an unusual willingness to help out around the garden where they reside — and they make for unique garden decor too! Originating in the Renaissance era, gnomes are said to have magical powers yet if caught in the sunlight, they turn into stone. More modern descriptions of gnomes usually emphasize their bright red pointed hats, solid colored clothes, and the long white beard of the typical male. Though sightings of female gnomes are rarely reported, gnome women are generally thought to be beard-free.

At Exhart, we have designed and manufactured a great number of different unique garden gnomes, and gnome styles, so that you can decorate your garden however you see fit! Our outdoor gnome decorations feature:

  • High-quality resin construction
  • Weather resistant paint
  • The ability to welcome anyone to you home or garden

We invite you to check out our collection of whimsical and fun garden gnomes today!