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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to cancel your order

Please note that we can only update or cancel orders within 30 minutes from when you originally placed the order. Please email for this request and provide the following:
On the Subject line: Cancel Order # (provide your order #) Then provide your email address, ship to address and full name in the body of the email. Thank you.


Retailers of Exhart wholesale home and garden decor are added on a daily basis. In addition, new products are added to (and deleted from) our line each year. Unfortunately, it is not possible to know the availability of every item in every retail outlet. If you are looking for a store in your area, send us a note via our contact page and we’ll do our best to find a store near you.

My solar stake is not working. It has been in sunlight all day. Can I receive a replacement?

Please make sure that the unit is in the ON position. The ON/OFF switch is located on the base of the unit, right below the glass portion of the unit. Once the unit is in the ON position, please be sure to have the unit in direct sunlight for two full days (48 hours). This will provide the unit with a full charge. Also position the stake where there is no artificial light directed to it during nightfall as the light will not operate because it will think the light is from the sun. If the unit does not work after the two days, please contact with a copy or your order for assistance.

I would like to become a dealer with your company. What information do you need from me?

 Thank you for taking interest in Exhart. Please visit and register on our wholesale website - Please fill out registration form, if approved, you will receive a temporary password to your email address. 

My Mole Max is no longer working. Is there a warranty?

These units do have a 5-year warranty. Please email a copy of your receipt or your order information to along with a short description on what the issue is, with what item, qty, and ship to address to assist.

Item arrived damaged, how can you assist?

Please send an email to with your order information or copy of your receipt with photos of the damaged unit for review.

How much is shipping?

It depends on the total of your order. For specific rates, please visit our Shipping Policy page.

How do you replace the battery and solar cell in the glass topper solar stakes?

Please click on the following video for instructions:

How do you open the Laser cut spinners?

Please click on the following video for instructions: