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Spread your Garden Gnome Magic

Hello Sunshine!

Imagine walking out your back door and experiencing a welcoming magical garden paradise. Everywhere you look is full of beautiful, twinkling, heartwarming whimsy that makes you smile and leave all your worries behind. You don't have to have a green thumb, just a touch of imagination.

The backyard we're dreaming of takes all the natural beauty that is already there and enhancing it. Transform every spot, nook, and cranny into a delightful enchanted magical garden. All you need is an invisible magic wand, and a touch of humor (and some heartwarming Exhart garden decor) to create the backyard oasis of your dreams. So close your eyes, wave your wonderful wand and repeat after me, "there's no place like home. there's no place like gnome...

Incredible Garden Gnomes

Did someone say, Gnomes?
We don't gnome about you, but the past year has thrown us some not so pretty unexpected punches. It's thyme (get it thyme) to turn that frown upside down and say, so long to the dreary days of the past. Cutie pie garden gnomes are just what the happiness doctor ordered. What are gnomes? Your new best friends! Gnomes are short little colorful guy and gal pal garden accents that will instantly brighten up your garden. They are full of personality and all dressed for any occasion, well at least they think so. Gnomes are famous for helping human's out, in their own playful way. By day, they are sweet and charming accents. But by night, they come alive under the moon and stars. Don't be surprised if your magical garden looks a little different from day-to-day. Gnomes are gnome to pull fun all-nighter parties soaking in their magical dust and spreading it around the garden.

Here are some of our favs:

Solar Good Time Bubble Bath Gnomes Garden Statue

Hot Tub Anyone?

Rub a-dub-dub, two naughty gnomes in the tub! Who can blame them for staying in day and night with the Solar powered LED light? Adorable Good Time Gnomes add a touch of whimsy to your garden and a smile on your face!

Solar-powered LED lights automatically begin glowing at dusk to continue spreading heartfelt goodness 24/7.

Note: Do you like Gnomes that push the limits? Check out these Good Time Gnomes by Exhart.

Gnome Ifs Ands or Butts About It

Give Good Time Naked Nolan Gnome a front and center spot in your garden and let his innocent silly inner light shine. He loves to let it all hang out and welcome everyone with a big smile and a big surprise...not one stitch of clothes!

Rumor has it he gave someone in need the clothes off his back. Butt that's ok, his long white beard and solar-powered welcome leaf keeps everything perfectly covered and in place.

If he turns around, you might see more of Good Time Naked Nolan than you ifs, ands or beautiful butts about it! 

Naked Garden Gnomes for Sale by Exhart
Kissing Garden Gnomes for Sale by Exhart

Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice

It's love at first sight! Every gnome needs some TLC right now, and these cuter than cute smoochers are guaranteed to melt your heart. Romance is in the air with our Solar Good Time Smooching Gnomes Garden Statue garden accent.

Our romantic couple will colorfully shower your garden with love during the entire day. But look out! Things will heat things up at night.

This special accent is solar-powered... Look closely... lover boy has flowers to surprise his sweetie, and she holds his big heart in the palm of her little hand like it was mint to be. xoxo!

Are you ready to spread some whimsical love and joy throughout your world? Contact your friends at Exhart and let's share some magical garden ideas together.

Where to Buy Exhart Garden Decor Products

You can find our Garden Gnomes for sale in these fine places!

Bubble Bath GnomesGood Time Naked NedGood Time Smooching Gnome

EXtraordinary Home ART

Exhart is a family owned and operated company that lives to spread smiles! True to our slogan “Happy Homes, Smiling Gardens,” Exhart has led the market in extraordinary wholesale home and garden decor for over thirty years by developing hundreds of unique designs every year ranging from the wacky and whimsical to the rustic and elegant!Best of all, you don’t need a green thumb to create a beautiful garden!

You can find one-of-a-kind garden stakes, wind chimes, luminescent glass decor, convenient and fun solar lighting, miniature fairy gardens, bird feeders, statuary, and fun kinetic designs like our ferris wheel bird feeder. Our family is propelled by the guiding principles of Innovation, Quality, Color, Motion and just plain Fun!

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