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Solar Garden Stake Instructions

14982-RS 14983-RS 14984-RS

Solar Iridescent Four Flower Garden Stake

13153-RS 14171-RS 14169-RS 14170-RS 16736-RS

Solar Pearlized Glass Garden Stake


Solar Flower Bud Garden Stake

15633-RS 15634-RS 16738-RS

Solar Calla Lily Garden Stake

14391-RS 14392-RS 14393-RS 15893-RS

Solar Glass Bird Garden Stake

14160-RS 14162-RS 14163-RS 14161-RS

Solar Metal and Glass Pineapple Garden Stake


Solar Metal Wire and Glass Garden Stake

15922-RS 15923-RS 15924-RS 15925-RS

Solar Pearlized Glass Honeycomb Garden Stakes


Solar Glass Flamingo Finial Garden Stake

16444-RS 16445-RS

Solar Glass Owl Garden Stake

16733-RS 16734-RS 16735-RS

Solar Crackle Glass Ball w 3 Beads  Garden Stake

16450-RS 16451-RS 16452-RS 16681-RS

Solar Glass Crackle Ball Finial Garden Stake


Solar Glass Rooster Garden Stake

16347-RS 16348-RS

Solar Cactus Garden Stake


Solar Bronze Kinetic Double Windmill Garden Stake


Solar Patriotic Triple Starburst Garden Stake

16376-RS 16377-RS

Solar Double Metal LED Hydrangea Garden Stake

14181-RS 14182-RS 14183-RS 14557-RS

Solar Metal Hydrangea Garden Stake

14184-RS 14185-RS 14186-RS 14558-RS

Solar Metal Hanging Flower Garden Stake

14206-RS 14207-RS 14208-RS

Solar Metal Flower Stalk Garden Stake


Triple Kinetic Tropical Flower Spinner Garden Stake


Kinetic Metal Rose Garden Stake w/Solar Crackle Ball


Solar Kinetic Filigree Metal Flower Garden Stake

19792-RS 19793-RS

Solar Metal Tear Drop Garden Stake

18694-RS 18695-RS

Solar Kinetic Lotus Flower Thermometer Garden Stake

19564-RS 19565-RS 19566-RS

Solar Metal Filigree Flame Torch Garden Stake


Solar Blue Metal and Glass Peacock Garden Stake

14969-RS 14970-RS 14971-RS

20 LED Branch Garden Stake


Solar Acrylic Cross w 5 LEDs Garden Stake

14156-RS 14157-RS 14158-RS

Solar Metal and Acrylic Angel with 12 LED Wings Garden Stake

15354-RS 15359-RS 15361-RS

Solar Acrylic and Metal LED Garden Stake


Solar Acrylic and Metal Cross Garden Stake

18049-RS 18050-RS 18051-RS

Solar Bird w Acrylic Flower Body Garden Stake

17998-RS 18001-RS

Solar Spinning Windmill Flowers on Hanging Flower Garden Stake

18002-RS 18004-RS

Solar Spinning Windmill Forget Me Not Flowers on Garden Stake

18018-RS 18019-RS 18020-RS

Solar Metal Pineapple w Acrylic Flowers Garden Stake

18035-RS 18036-RS 18037-RS

Solar Acrylic Lilac w Metal Garden Stake


Solar Owl w Spinning Windmill Flower Garden Stake

18847-RS 18848-RS 18849-RS

Solar Plastic Lily Garden Stake

18570-RS 18571-RS 18572-RS

Solar WindyWing Bird w LEDs Garden Stake

19069-RS 19070-RS

Solar Plastic Outline Garden Stake

18857-RS 18858-RS

Solar Dancing Flame Torch Garden Stake