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Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder



Are you looking for a product that is perfect for the birdwater in your life, easily installable in your very own backyard, and tested by our team here at Exhart?


If so, look no further than the innovative power of the Exhart Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder — the first kinetic bird feeder of its time. This special piece of wholesale garden decor supplies brought to you by our team at Exhart includes:

An extraordinary backyard accent!
5 easy-to-fill & dishwasher-safe baskets
Spins with slight breeze
Sturdy metal construction to withstand outdoor elements
We are excited to introduce to you the Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder – Exhart’s newest signature product! Standing at 7 feet tall and 24 inches wide, our Ferris Wheel Bird Feeders are sure to make a statement in your garden! A great gift idea for bird lovers and garden enthusiasts alike. This unique bird feeder accommodates up to a dozen birds at once. Exhart’s new Ferris Feeders are a delightful way to decorate your garden and attract a variety of wild birds. Be prepared to see birds flutter by and perch to snack on a morsel of birdseed! With just the weight of one bird, the ferris wheel spins around, gently enough to allow multiple birds to eat at once. The movement attracts more birds and in a short amount of time you’ll be enjoying a handful of curious birds perched securely on the edge of each basket and fluttering back and forth! Watch as they ride the ferris wheel, around and around!

With five easy-to-fill baskets and ball bearings to ensure smooth spinning, your Ferris Wheel Bird Feeders will transform your backyard into the local bird saloon! So what are you waiting for? Customers will love this product — so don’t miss out on your opportunity to place an order for our newest and most innovative wholesale garden decor — the Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder. Place your wholesale order now through our online dealer portal, or become a dealer of Exhart wholesale garden decor supplies today.