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Pimp My Garden: An American Car Lover's Favorites

The look and beauty of your garden shapes your level of satisfaction with the space as well as the compliments you receive from family, neighbors, friends and other guests. Colorful flowers and green plants are certainly garden must-haves. However, the best gardens feature additional décor. In particular, cars for garden décor will take your green space to the next level.

The Perfect Addition To Your Garden

If your garden feels as though it is missing something or if you are looking to take your garden’s visual beauty up a notch, you will love the addition of diminutive cars as lovely décor. Exhart has all the garden cars you could possibly need, providing a litany of options that will bring out the best in this green space.

 From solar-powered retro buses to solar-powered retro campers, solar retro bugs and more, we’ve got the perfect little car for your unique garden. Our patriotic trucks featuring an illuminated American flag are also quite popular.

Solar Retro Bus Garden Statue by Exhart

Pimp Your Garden

Seize the opportunity to beautify your garden with a Solar Retro Bus Garden Statue and watch how friend and your family members, along with any visitor gravitate to your green space.

These small cars are sized just right to complement your current garden highlights without overshadowing your garden’s other elements. Think of the addition of a bus for your garden as similar to the addition of chrome wheels to a sweet ride.

Pimp your garden as you pimp your ride and it really will look that much more amazing, inviting and visually striking.

Transform a Boring Garden into a Fun One

If your garden is like most, it has flowers, greenery, a couple small vegetables and other green growth that is certainly easy on the eyes yet not exactly eye-popping.

You can spice up your garden with the addition of a couple diminutive decorative cars - or camper - like this unique Solar Red and Silver Retro Camper that can be strategically placed between your plants.

Choose a garden car or trailer with just the right colors for your unique garden and you will agree these little vehicles make the perfect visual addition to what might be an otherwise 'standard-options' garden. The addition of garden cars makes this space feel that much more exciting, fun and playful.  

Solar Red and Silver Retro Trailer by Exhart
Kissing Garden Gnomes for Sale by Exhart

Use Solar Power to Beautify Your Garden
Aside from injecting beautiful colors into your garden, the addition of these lovely little Solar Retro Bug Garden Statue vehicles will also prove visually pleasing as they are solar-powered. Our garden cars are made with solar-powered LED lights that ensure they provide a lovely glow when the sun sets. An added bonus is the fact that many of our garden cars are a blast from the past that will have you thinking of memories from years gone by.

As an example, our solar retro bug garden statue injects considerable nostalgic charm into your garden or other green space. Featuring a visually striking retro design that is hand painted, this eye-catching bug is comprised of durable resin. In fact, the solar retro bug garden statue is even UV treated so it won't fade when subjected to the sun's UV rays.

Take a close look at this lovely little piece and you will find it has all sorts of cute details such as colorful flowers added to the sides and other minor visual additions that ultimately help bring out the best in your garden.

Make the Most of Your Garden
Even if your garden is loaded with colorful plants, multicolored flowers and other visual delights, it can still benefit from the addition of several decorative cars. Car garden decoration really does make an average garden a great one -  and a gorgeous garden absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful!

If you aren’t excited about spacing out a couple car decorations throughout your garden, consider some garden car track ideas. Add a garden track to your green space, set up your decorative cars along the track and you will find this green space is that much more exciting. Even if you don’t have kids, grandkids, nephews or nieces, the rest of the adults in your family spend that much more time in the garden now that there is a track complete with several cars and other decorative visual niceties.

Are you ready to spread some whimsical love and joy throughout your world? Contact your friends at Exhart and let's share some magical garden ideas together.

Where to Buy Exhart Garden Decor Products

Solar Retro Bus Garden StatueSolar Red and Silver Retro Camper Solar Retro Bug Garden Statue

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