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Hide The Gnome - A COVID Safe Activity

Got a gnome in your home?

You should - gnomes bring a special energy, charm, and magic wherever they go. If you are worried that your wee friend could be susceptible to COVID-19, know that gnomes are naturally immune to human illnesses. Perhaps it is the magic contained in their tiny red hat that keeps them from being vulnerable- the familiar Phrygian-style cap became a symbol of freedom during the French revolt around 1870 and is reputed to have mystical powers. Or maybe it is their elfish and mischievous nature that keeps them well and eternally young? Gnomes can be naughty and love to play games- could it be the gnome games that keep these aged, little beings healthy and spry?

So, what kind of games do gnomes enjoy?

Gnome Games

The Traveling Gnome Game
For years, many fun-spirited travelers have indulged in a ‘Traveling Gnome’ game, taking pictures of their wee gnome lads and lasses in a variety of locales, situations, and settings. Those familiar with the history of gnomes attribute this sudden ability to traverse and navigate the world beyond their own to their red caps, which magically provide the gnome with the ability to flee from gardens, yards, and porches- to destinations far and wide.

Since gnomes are known for their productivity, particularly as their Humans sleep, this game may present some challenges in terms of getting their work done. After all, for years gnomes were depicted as hard workers, gardening, shoveling, and pushing wheelbarrows; contemporary gnomes focus a bit more on leisure activities, including napping, fishing, and even imbibing in a bit of Ganja. It is these naughtier, less-industrious gnomes that have the time and inclination for gnome games, in general.

Hide the Gnome

While traveling may not be the best suggestion for gnomes amid a pandemic- despite their amazing immunity and curious nature- there are other games that gnomes enjoy. Consider their natural inclination toward hiding- and you may a game of ‘Hide the Gnome’ more suited during this unpredictable time.

For this game, you need a willing Human participant. This is an important role as they are responsible for helping the gnome hide in unconventional places, spaces, and spots.

The rules of the game are simple:
• Find your target. That is, identify who you will be hiding the gnome from and make sure it is someone who is gnome-friendly. After all, you want to bring the gnome home later, right?
• Hide the gnome. Figure out the perfect place that will catch your unsuspecting target by surprise: some ideas? The backseat of their car, under some stairs, or inside the refrigerator- don’t worry, gnomes don’t get cold.
• Wait. Patiently wait for your target to find the gnome.
• When the gnome has been found, it is their turn. Now the finder becomes the ‘hider’.
• Find your gnome and hide him-or her- again.
• Repeat this game until your gnome becomes tired or uncooperative. Never reveal your gnome’s hiding place prematurely- the joy of the game is that it is unexpected and unpredictable… much like gnomes, themselves!

Not sure if your gnome is up to the challenge? This is what makes choosing the right gnome integral to the game.

The Right Gnome

To play ‘Hide the Gnome’, you must start with the right gnome for the game. For instance, this may not be the best fit for a gnome that has a lot of chores to do or that is afraid of the dark. The right gnome should be a bit mischievous, even naughty, with a love of playing pranks. This is also the ideal gnome game for gnomes with friends or family to join them in hiding, fending off loneliness while waiting to be found.

As for great candidates for ‘Hide the Gnome’, consider these colorful characters:

Good Time Bubble Bath Gnomes Garden Statue

Cheeky Chuck
Always down for some ballsy fun, Cheeky Chuck Garden Gnome has pulled his pants down! This incorrigible garden gnome with an endearing smile is an irresistible find for the garden enthusiast seeking a little saucy fun. Makes a lighthearted addition to your garden and great gift for the slightly naughty at heart!

Fishing Frank
Good Time Fishing Frank Garden Gnome Statue
has time to spare. He can cast a line while hiding and waiting to be found. 

Fishing Frank is a Good Time Gnome, always down for some fishing fun! A playful reminder to slow down and enjoy life.

This adorable Fishing Gnome is sure to put a smile on your face! Makes a great gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life and takes a creative mindset to figure out how to hide this little guy.

Good Time Fishing Frank Garden Gnome Statue
Good Time Solar Gnamaste Meditating Yoga Gnome with Two Crackle Glass Firefly Balls Garden Statue,

Gnamaste Gnome Statue

The Exhart Good Time Solar Gnamaste Meditating Yoga Gnome with Two Crackle Glass Firefly Balls Garden Statue is content to be left to his own devices in hiding and uses this time to practice his yoga and get his Ch’i right.

This special accent is solar-powered... Gnomaste! Get your zen on with this illuminating Yoga Gnome. As the sun sets and dusk settles in, the solar glass crackle balls will begin to glow. Meditating in a lotus position, this gnome is beautifully hand painted and makes a great gift for the garden enthusiast and yogi alike.

Good Time Pete
Limited Edition Good Time Patriot Pete Naked Gnome Statue is a patriotic rebel who will wear a mask, but not his pants. 

Just imagine hiding this little guy in the fridge... classic.

Limited Edition Good Time Pete by Exhart
Good Time Gal Drinking Wine Gnomes By Exhart

Good Time Gal Gnomes
It is far less common to encounter female gnomes out and about- they can be elusive but excellent pranksters.

For this game, consider Solar Good Time Gal Drinking Wine Gnomes, who are enjoying some wine and are more social. They seem to be having fun, so no rush on finding them right away!

Some qualities to look for when shopping for your own gnome include:

• High-quality resin construction to hold up over time.
• Weather resistant paint and resilient finish to withstand the elements.
• A welcoming and inviting addition to your home or garden.

You will know the right gnomes when you see them - typically, no two gnomes are identically alike.

Buy your gnomes from reputable vendors that offer customer service and 110% satisfaction - while also providing competitive pricing and reliable merchandise return options.

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