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Four Ways to Use Solar Lighting

Have you noticed over the last few years a shift in how the general population thinks about energy use and consumption, especially when it comes to solar power, solar energy, and solar lighting?

As the ominous topic of climate change enters the narrative of our global mindset, more and more people are becoming aware of how small collective changes can make a positive impact on our environment and that green energy applications might not be such a bad thing overall.

Solar lighting has long been a focus for homes and businesses that want to get "off the grid" and be more self-sufficient with their energy use. But even for individuals who are still forced to rely on conventional energy, there is a way to embrace solar power and make a difference in the most intimate of spaces in our lives - our Gardens! 

Solar lighting is a vast and creative field and here at Exhart, we are committed to providing homeowners with a range of solar-powered decor lighting options for your gardens. Highlighted in this article are four easy and powerful ways to embrace solar lighting and use it to your advantage when decorating your outdoor living spaces.

1. Hanging Lanterns For Porches and Balconies

One of the first ways homeowners can take advantage of solar lighting is by using them to light up porches and balcony areas. Hanging solar lanterns and similar lights from railings, rafters, and beams can be a wonderful way to dress up these outdoor areas. These great products allow lighting where power may not necessarily be available. Made to be weather resistant and durable, hanging lanterns offer color, light, and ambiance. Many colors and styles can be selected to create the look and feel that is perfect for any outdoor area.

Solar Light Hanging Acrylic Ball Set

Two Hanging Lanterns to Consider

The Exhart Solar Light Hanging Acrylic Ball Set Bright have bright colors, captivating designs, beautiful shapes, and are of durable build that makes this solar-powered lighting set a great choice for anyone who wants to add some light to their porch or balcony.

Another great option to consider is a Solar Light Glass and Metal Ball which has a stunning design, includes light and dark elements for contrast along with sturdy metal accents (complete with glimmering glass facets) to create a one of a kind decorative lighting option.

2. Tabletop Lanterns For Patios and Decks

Another wonderful way to apply solar-powered lighting to your outdoor space is with tabletop lanterns and lamps. Easy to set up and move as needed for optimal decorating innovation, these glass and acrylic lanterns are perfect for localized light and color applications. Available in a range of colors, patterns, designs, and sizes, chances are you can easily find solar lighting for every want or need that you may have. Tabletop lanterns are vestal and extremely popular and will dress up a Tabletop no matter what the occassion.

Tabletop Lanterns that Pop

The Exhart Solar Light Delicate Firefly Jar Set is composed of bright colors, captivating designs, beautiful shapes, and a durable build which makes this solar-powered lighting set a great choice for anyone who wants to add some light to an end table, patio table or outdoor countertop. 

Another great option to consider is the Exhart Solar Light Black and Gold Filigree Lantern  whose delicate and sophisticated design details make this filigree lantern a popular choice for lighting up outdoor sitting areas with a warm and inviting glow that is simple and stunningly beautiful at the same time. A great use of these products is to define the perimeter of an outdoor deck.

Solar Light Delicate Firefly Jar Set

3. Decorative Lighting For Landscapes and Gardens

There are decorative elements that can come into play within the garden itself that is not related to plants - or landscaping - at all. Utilization of these elements in the industry is referred to as "hardscaping," and solar lighting options as well as more traditional elements such as statues, birth baths, and trellises are a foundation to a proper hardscape environment.  Using solar-powered lights can help illuminate certain areas of the garden or provide a unique focal point for the landscape.  A decorative light on a pedestal or along a flower bed edge can really make an area pop.

Giant Metal Kinetic Yellow Sunflower Dual Spinning Garden Stake

Two Decorative Lighting Options to Consider 

The Exhart Solar Light Woven Reed and Frosted Glass Light creates a stunning accent point in any garden landscape or garden area with the natural beauty of this wooden lantern and glass light combination, perfectly designed for outdoor garden applications and uses.

The Exhart Solar Light Wood and Metal Candleholder Solar powered lights come in all shapes and sizes and this simple wood and metal candleholder is a perfect way to add light and beauty to your outdoor space without overpowering its natural beauty.

4. Pathway Lighting For Sidewalks and Paths

A final example of solar lighting being used effectively within the modern day landscape is with sidewalks and walkways. Keeping pathways lit and visible is important for safety but can also create an entirely new way to enjoy your garden areas after the sun goes down. Beautiful colors, designs, and styles can add unique touches to your existing garden design and elevate your landscape. Design for versatile installation, these lights are a must-have to be sure.

Pathway Lighting Options To Consider

Exhart has created a variety of beautiful flower stake lights such as the Solar Light Purple Flower Stakes which will add a splash of color to any pathway while providing a surprising amount of mood lighting for your flower beds or garden pathways. These durable and versatile solar-powered stake lights are available in multi-packs for added convenience when planning the lighting accents for your garden.

Another great option that adds beauty and mood to any pathway is the Exhart Solar Pearlized Glass Spiral Flame Garden Stake which helps bring elegance and class to even the simplest of garden pathways. These stunning glass solar lights draw focus to your stunning landscape even when the sun goes down!

Solar Pearlized Glass Spiral Flame Garden Stake

Solar lighting has been around for a while now and while it once was seen as something only business and luxury homes could afford, it is now something everyone and anyone can take advantage of. Implementing solar-powered lighting into your home’s outdoor garden and living areas can help add new elements of appeal and enjoyment to these areas. Finding the right solar lighting options can seem a bit overwhelming at times, but with expert advice and quality products from Exhart, it is quick, easy, and affordable! Check out the selection today for yourself!

Are you ready to spread some whimsical love and joy throughout your world? Contact your friends at Exhart and let's share some magical garden ideas together.

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