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Do You Gnome Father's Day is Near?

You Gnome What? Happy Father's Day!

Once upon a time in a beautiful garden, not too far away, Father's Day was the best-est day of the year.

Every gnome gathered, put their cute little heads together to plan some fun, do a little frolic, and deliver big surprises in honor of celebrating all of  their dear old dads on Father's Day. They all agreed that giving the gift of a Gnome garden decor item  helped to spread the magical cheer in the throughout the day, and candidly, was a much better option than giving a tired old tie or a boring old pair of socks (so cliché.)

What they gnu was clear and unanimous! Gnome decor items were the best gift ideas for all dads on Father's Day! The more Gnomes in one garden that represented the context of Dad, the better. Here are some of the obvious options that they considere.

Unique Father's Day Gifts

Did someone say, Gnomes?
If you leave one single Gnome alone for a long period of time, odd, curious things happen in your garden. Gnomes thrive on other gnomes, who they consider family. That's why we suggest adopting a colorful fun-loving Gnome with a personality similar to your Dad. Does your Daddy fish, hunt, or snorkel? We have a Gnome for that. Is your Dad a firefighter, a beach bum, or a yoga enthusiast? We have a Gnome for that too. We also have sleepy Gnomes, naked Gnomes, and even mooning Gnomes.

Ok, here's a dad-inspired knock-knock joke:

Knock Knock...
...who's there?
....Police who?
.Po-lice get your dad a charming Gnome for Father's Day!

Here are a few of our Father's Day Garden Decor favorites - we gnome you'll love these as much as we do!

Good Time Fishing Frankie Gnome

Catch of the Day!
We call this little treasure, the Rod Father! Get it, fishing rod?

His real name is Good Time Fishing Frankie and this adorable statue loves to go fishing…well let's just say he is known to go fishing when the garden chores need to be done.

Every Gnome tries to tackle him in order to help out, but Frankie always seems to slip away. Daddios who really, no reely love to fish will adore this Father's Day gift.  After all, Frankie is Gnome approved, so we're pretty darn sure Dad will be hooked on this catch of the day! Nothing fishy about that!

Life's a Beach! Surf's Up!

If you're looking for some-fin fun for your beach-loving daddy check out our sun-kissed Good Time Beach Bum Gnome.  He's a shore thing to add whimsy and delight to any gnome-loving garden. You sea, he's decked out from the top of his pointed head all the way down to his adorable sunburnt toes with seashells.

Rumor has it that this little sun of a beach is friends with all the fish in the sea and is on a mission to collect seashells forever. He has our Father's Day Gnome seal of approval and we're pretty sure he'll make a splash!

Good Time Beach Bum Gnome
Good Time Solar Gnamaste Gnome

Namaste Time, Anytime!

If you have a pappy that likes to take a meditation break, then this Gnamaste gnome is the perfect Father's Day gift for you.

Check out our Good Time Solar Gnamaste Meditating Gnome, he's even got his green hat over his eyes and is ready for deep relaxation any time of the day or night.  He's designed just right to blend beautifully into any garden...and, of course with any other Gnomes you might have in your collection.

Here's a Bonus! He is solar-powered and this Gnome features automatic LED lights, so when the sun goes down, his green hat begins to glow and lights up the garden. 

You might want to give dear old dad more than one gnome for Father's Day, just to play it safe. We can't stress enough how curious and clever they are. Then make it an annual tradition that for every gift-giving occasion a new gnome will be on the list. Remember at Exhart we are your gnome and garden decor headquarters. So gnome-matter what, Don't forget about Father's Day! 

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