Pence Pets

Pence Pets: Delightful Home & Garden Decor for Animal Lovers!

Announcing a new collection of cute, clever, colorful and whimsical pet decor from Exhart that is sure to melt your heart! These decorative plant stakes, pot huggers, planters, and resin statuary are sure to please animal lovers everywhere! Pence Pet designs have been appearing at craft fairs across the West Coast for the past 20+ years and now Exhart has partnered with the Pence family to bring these delightful creatures to the retail marketplace.

We’ve created a line that will be a little tough to resist! These adorable assortments can be placed all over your house and garden. Our Pence Pet Collection includes plant stakes, pot huggers, planters, statues, and even bowls and dishes. You can find these items in many different forms, such as a dog, cat, owl, pig, cow, bull, frog and turtle.

Pence Pets are:

  • Durable clay accents for your home or garden
  • Handmade
  • Partners with us at Exhart!

If you are looking for a fun way to accessorize your home or garden we strongly urge you to consider looking at our line of products with Pence Pets. These pet-inspired products are the perfect gift for a friend, family member, or even for yourself. If you are interested in beginning to sell our home and garden decor products in your store, become a dealer and simply place an order!

Why have we partnered with Pence Pets? Well, to put it simply, we did so to bring pet-inspired home and garden decor to stores like yours. We love our pets as much as you do. So we’ve found a way to incorporate this love into our homes with these functional playful pets.