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Lawn & Garden Decor Tips: How To Use Your Outdoor Garden Accessories

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If you own a garden, you likely understand that gardens can bring much more than an ecological value. In fact, one could say that the aesthetic value that a garden can bring to a yard is just as beneficial as the environmental impact or the fruit and vegetable yield. 

As people become avid gardeners, they tend to branch into increasing the aesthetic value of their garden once they have already established a garden infrastructure and maintenance schedule that works optimally. After all, you aren’t going to move into decorating with outdoor garden accessories before you can figure out how to efficiently grow your tomatoes, right?

As a manufacturer and seller of high-quality garden accessories and decor, we like to think that we know a thing or two about bringing some aesthetic value to an outdoor space. That being said, we would like to use today’s blog as an opportunity to discuss some of the best ways to use garden decor and lawn ornaments to make your outdoor space feel like home. 

What Is The Point Of Outdoor Garden Accessories? 

Garden accessories and decor are not for everyone. Believe it or not, some people don’t care about their yards enough to purchase garden accessories, or even properly water or mow their lawns, for that matter. Others, however, spend a lot of time out in their yard either relaxing or maintaining their gardens — and if you do find yourself spending more time in your yard, you might want to think about making the space your own. 

Well-placed lawn ornaments and garden accessories can help cultivate the feeling of elegance and warmth. For some, the goal is to create a bright and colorful decor scheme that brightens the outdoor space, while others might seek a more elegant and regal design for their space. Regardless of what outdoor design plans that you have, you can find high-quality outdoor decor accessories online in the Exhart store. 

How To Use Your Lawn Ornaments & Garden Accessories

When it comes to decorating an outdoor space, people tend to think that it’s as simple as purchasing an item online and setting it in any of the open spaces in the yard or garden. While yes, you could simply throw the decorative item and let it sit where it falls, we believe that there is more of an art to outdoor decor. 

Everyone might have a different idea of what they want when it comes to designing their outdoor space. The important thing is that the finished product makes you happy and does not restrict the function of your lawn or garden. 

While you should decorate your yard in whatever manner that you see fit, there are a couple of considerations that you should make as you plan out your lawn or garden’s future look. Below, we have listed the five considerations that you should keep in mind when shopping for decorative garden and lawn accessories. 

The Types Of Ornaments

When it comes to home and garden decor, there really is no limit as to what can be considered an ornament or not. In fact, some people have used antique bathtubs as a garden ornament, and we have to admit that it works really well as both a functional planter and a garden ornament. 

That being said, most people are not going to seek out large antiques to supplement the aesthetic of their garden. Instead, they are much more likely to choose smaller and more manageable lawn and garden ornaments like birdbaths, spinning garden stakes, and simple statuary. 

When it comes to shopping around for the proper outdoor decorative ornaments, it is important for you to consider what your decorative needs are. 

Ornament Placement

Another thing to consider before purchasing outdoor garden decor is where you will place each item. Planning ahead of time can help to minimize your risk of buying something only to find that you have nowhere to put it. 

Next, you want to consider where you will place the decorations in terms of who will be looking at it. If the decor is in your backyard and is intended only for you and your guests, you can place the decor in practically any position. If your garden is in the front yard, you might be placing the decorations to catch the eyes of passers-by — likely changing the way that you use your decorative ornaments. 

Style & Color

Once you have considered the placement and type of decorations that you would like in your yard, it is time to consider what colors and styles of ornaments that you wish to have in your yard. 

If you live on Cape Cod in a colonial-style home, you might want more elegant and simply colored outdoor garden accessories that don’t stick out like a sore thumb. If you live in a suburban Portland neighborhood where the influence of art has led to homes of all colors, shapes, and sizes, you might opt for an extravagant and colorful lawn ornament that gives your yard personality. 


If you have a background in art, you likely know the importance of proportion. For those of you who do not have a background in art, we are basically saying that big ornaments don’t belong in small spaces and vice versa. 

If you place a small garden accessory in a large space, it might look out of place. If you are to place a large ornament in a crowded space, you might end up making the space seem even more crowded. So choosing an item of the right proportion is crucial. 

Forgotten Areas Of The Yard

Everyone has one corner of their yard that they don’t really use. For gardeners, it is usually the part of the yard that is dark, dank, and damp — the place where nothing grows. Forgotten areas of the yard are actually one of the best places for outdoor garden accessories and lawn ornaments, with our favorite decoration being medium-to-large-sized statuary. 

When It Comes Time To Decorate Your Yard, Visit Our Online Store!

At Exhart, we love providing homeowners with tools and decorations that they can use to make their outdoor space their own. So next time that you are looking for garden accessories and decor, we urge you to browse our extensive inventory of lawn and garden decor ornaments. 

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