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Outdoor Clocks with Thermometers

Outdoor Clocks & Thermometers


Just in the nick of time Exhart is proud to announce that we have expanded our vast décor offerings to include a variety of outdoor clocks. These battery operated outdoor clocks can be purchased in a variety of configurations; clock only, clock with thermometer and even as a clock with a thermometer and hygrometer. I know you are probably scratching your head about now trying to figure out just what clock design will tick for you, or maybe you’re heading to find your Funk & Wagnall to look up ‘hygrometer’. Let us save you that trouble: A hygrometer is an instrument for measuring the moisture content in the atmosphere. I’ll bet that little tidbit of knowledge will be used during your next cocktail party as you inform your neighbors and friends about your new found affection for Exhart’s new outdoor clock offerings!

So whether it’s “hickory”, “dickory” or “dock” when that mouse runs up your clock make sure it’s an Exhart design!

NYBG Clock Thermometer [clear] Outdoor Clock & Thermometer with Lights

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