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Glass Garden Art

Glass Decor & Bird Baths


Glass Garden Art & Glass Decor

Get your Windex ready; with all the beautiful NEW glass items Exhart has to offer you are going to need to be prepared! We’ve got Glass Flowers, Glass Owls, Glass Eagles, Glass Roosters, Glass Peacocks, Glass Fish, Glass Flamingos, are your eyes ‘glassing’ over yet? We’ve got even more in store (and on the web) including: Glass Bird Baths (hanging and staked designs), Glass Stakes & Statuary, Glass Tables & Plant Stands and Glass Wall Art too!

There is nothing better than spending a warm sun-drenched summer day enjoying the view in your garden or patio area when the sunlight shimmers off your beautiful glass yard decor, of course it might be shining off your neighbor’s yard décor if you fail to purchase one or more of these beautiful pieces. Don’t wait and let your neighbor steal the ‘sun-light’ pick out your favorite Glass items and ‘see the light’ from your own backyard!
Glass Art Garden Decor

We’re ‘glassing’ up neighborhoods from coast to coast with these beautiful new designs; don’t miss your chance to ‘shine’! How’s that for a ‘glassy’ sales pitch? Ok maybe we’re being a ‘pane in the glass’ but hopefully you get the point – Exhart has exciting new Glass Decor too!

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Exhart is a leader in wholesale garden decor. We specialize in elegant and whimsical designs to brighten up your yard, garden and home! Take a peek at our collection of Garden Stakes, Wind Chimes, Bird Statuary, Animal Statuary, Fairy Statuary, Kinetic Garden Stakes, Wall Art, Clocks, Birdfeeders, Solar Statuary, Solar Garden Stakes and much more! As a family owned and operated company in business for over 25 years, we take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of the products we put our name on. Our designers work hard at creating unique and beautiful outdoor yard art that is often used as indoor home decor as well.[/toggle_content]